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  • Jeff Ong
    Oct 5, 2007
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      Morgan --

      I don't think "road feel" is really a huge priority for Xtracycling,
      and that's the main reason to go with steel over anything else. That
      said, the small amount of additional flex you'll have won't make THAT
      much difference anyway... It's not like your frame will fail or
      anything -- you'll just notice perhaps a little more slop while loaded
      and climbing. Frankly, climbing on the X with a passenger or 80 lbs.
      of groceries is NEVER going to feel much like it does on a regular
      bike! I've hauled an adult (135 lb.) passenger around for 15-20 miles
      at a time, and it works fine -- but handling is much more like an old
      VW bus than a sports car. As, I suppose, it should be.

      Something else to consider is that you won't be able to run disc
      brakes on the Stumpy. I'd at least consider swapping out the cantis
      and short pull levers that probably came with it for some V-brakes and
      levers. It might even be worth swapping out the fork for one that will
      support a front disc (there's a cro-mo Dimension fork for $50 or so
      that I use).

      Anyway, you should be fine with the steel frame. It really does only
      take about half an hour to install the Xtracycle, so it shouldn't be a
      huge waste of time if you don't care for that particular donor frame!

      Good luck,


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Morgan" <mcgurme@...> wrote:
      > Hi Mark,
      > No need to convince me of the general case for steel. My road bike
      is steel, a Lemond
      > Buenos Aires from before the Carbon era. I went out of my way to
      find that, an older pre-
      > carbon one on Craig's list. And my favorite mountain bike is my
      steel Yo Eddy, full rigid
      > (and even though I have a nice full susp aluminum as well). And I
      jumped on the
      > Stumpjumper last night at the auction specifically because it was
      steel (I would not have
      > paid ~$200 for a 14 year old aluminum bike).
      > However, I have seen it mentioned by people in various forums
      sometimes complaining
      > that steel + xtracycle is too flexy. That is my one and only
      concern about steel (actually,
      > rust is a second one, since I had to have the seat tube of my Yo
      Eddy replaced due to rust
      > - but now I use FrameSaver).
      > So my comment is not a question about steel *in general*, but
      specifically as it applies to
      > being combined with the Freeradical kit. I don't want to spend a
      bunch of time moving the
      > parts over if it is going to make for an inferior loaded ride....
      that's all. My alternative is
      > just to leave the Fisher Aluminum hooked to the Freerad, and convert
      the Stumpjumper to
      > a singlespeed for fun. I converted an old Fuji mtn bike to
      singlespeed last year, but it
      > ended up being too small for me, so I sold it...
      > Thanks, and I hope your family health issues get sorted out!
      > Morgan
      > --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Garvey" <lazybee45@> wrote:
      > >
      > [response snipped]
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