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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Oct 5, 2007
      Some of the flexiness remarked on may not be the bike and free-radical,
      but the way the load was packed. I've a stokemonkey with the huge
      batterypack. When I put that pack in the freeloaders, I get 'flex' and
      wobble. The pack can swing in the freeloaders. When I cram that pack
      into the pocket of the freeloaders (deluxe), then I don't get the
      wobble. One of my freeloaders has a smaller pocket than the other one.
      I get less wobble with the tighter pocket (but that means I have to
      remove the entire freeloader when I need to bring the batterypack inside
      for charging).

      Some of my other loads, I've noticed some wobble. I've attributed that
      much more to the way I had the load packed than to the material of my
      bike frame.

      I used to have the freeradical attached to an aluminum frame. It's now
      attached to a Surly-instigator. My real reason for changing was, I
      wanted a frame that was a better fit for me, not because I was concerned
      about aluminum vs steel. Hearing about the strength, durability, and
      repairability of steel, though, helped me decided to get a steel frame.

      The current set-up is a sweet ride and looks really classy. I get
      complements all the time. I had to put the tongue of the freeradical
      below the chainstay bridge so I could squeeze in a stokemonkey (I got
      the small instigator frame). This changes the dynamics of the bike a
      little, but the ride is still good. I also made the mistake of letting
      the bike shop cut about 2 inches off the top of the fork (the way I
      ride, those two inches are missed). With this set up, I don't do much
      'no hands,' but I have had no problem hauling friends up the hill to home.


      Morgan wrote:
      > Hi Mark,
      > No need to convince me of the general case for steel. My road bike is steel, a Lemond
      > Buenos Aires from before the Carbon era. I went out of my way to find that, an older pre-
      > carbon one on Craig's list. And my favorite mountain bike is my steel Yo Eddy, full rigid
      > (and even though I have a nice full susp aluminum as well). And I jumped on the
      > Stumpjumper last night at the auction specifically because it was steel (I would not have
      > paid ~$200 for a 14 year old aluminum bike).
      > However, I have seen it mentioned by people in various forums sometimes complaining
      > that steel + xtracycle is too flexy. That is my one and only concern about steel (actually,
      > rust is a second one, since I had to have the seat tube of my Yo Eddy replaced due to rust
      > - but now I use FrameSaver).
      > So my comment is not a question about steel *in general*, but specifically as it applies to
      > being combined with the Freeradical kit. I don't want to spend a bunch of time moving the
      > parts over if it is going to make for an inferior loaded ride.... that's all. My alternative is
      > just to leave the Fisher Aluminum hooked to the Freerad, and convert the Stumpjumper to
      > a singlespeed for fun. I converted an old Fuji mtn bike to singlespeed last year, but it
      > ended up being too small for me, so I sold it...
      > Thanks, and I hope your family health issues get sorted out!
      > Morgan
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