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1762Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Business Cycle, the X factor

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  • Mark Garvey
    Oct 2, 2007
      On 9/30/07, Morgan <mcgurme@...> wrote:
      Hi Mark,
      I think I agree with everything you said.  I didn't get into biking because of the
      environment or politics: I got into it because I like it, and like you say, it saves money.  I
      work at a place where parking alone would cost me $1200 per year.  It's a simple
      economic matter to avoid paying that (and gas, and etc..) and just bike instead.  So
      regardless of our individual politics, it seems we both like biking and both think it saves

      Yep!  and it is more than JUST that too!  But that has been hashed so many times as to be beyond discussion, but yes!

      BTW - even though I called myself "liberal", in many ways I defy categorization - I have a
      mix of liberal, libertarian, and even conservative stuff in there.  That's why I hate the
      categorization that people like to put on everyone.  I don't care what someone calls
      themselves, I care what kind of person they are.


      HEH!  THIS is as "political" as I get.  I am almost rabidly allergic to political discussions. My brother is a radical Republican (to him Rush is slightly to the left of where he should be!  Glen Beck is about as centrist as he leans!)

      I too believe that I defy "political" classification as any one thing or other, Iowans are notoriously independent as a rule.  But there are ways that I am wildly knee jerk Liberal and other ways that I am way to the right.  Why?  because some points make SENSE and others don't!  People get so caught up in the agenda of their political beliefs and become SO invested in them that they can't see the nonsensical parts!  Back when I was a kid (as far in the dim and distant past as it may have been,) Religious leaders were panned as "Liberal" because they were for Equal Rights and Peace.   what happened?  WHO stole our faith?  when did being religious become synonymous with hate and ultra right wing politics?  I don't get it!

      Anyway, I think that I, and you are representative of MOST people.  We are all a mishmash of beliefs and thought processes and experiences. THAT tends to be our base of knowledge and our system for belief and thought.

      Personally, I avoid most discussions of politics and religion both because defining my stance on either one is not only difficult to pinpoint, but I don't like being "classified" as you dont, and besides that, to me the whole thing is a totally private matter!  I could be a Buddhist or an athiest or Moslem for all anyone knows (or should care)  Or a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or communist! (actually Communist is an economic theory, not a political one so I suppose "socialist" is the correct term) To WHOM should it make a difference?

      As someone wisely said, "No matter WHO you vote for, the Government ALWAYS gets in!"

      ME?  I will just try to do the right thing anyway and heck with them anyhoo!


      Putting the fun in dysfunctional for over 50 years!

      Mark  Garvey
      Cedar Rapids, Iowa free state!

      Check out the web site at:

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      I am a bicycling lifestylist!
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