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14997long loaders

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  • Jeff Youngstrom
    Apr 28, 2014
      The recent conversation about Wide Loaders (WL) vs. U-Tubes (U-T) reminded me I've been meaning to get a new WL (reason below after my question), but when I went to xtracycle.com to check on them I was startled to see or rather NOT see the Long Loader (LL) offset bar on the site any more.

      Did they quit making it? Why?

      My LL is permanently attached to my WL after bouncing the leading edge of the WL off a trail bollard a number of years ago. The combination is still functional, but it doesn't work with my KickBack (KB) since the WL bent at the FreeRadical so it won't go through the KB arm. Sucks, because the time when I would most like to have my ultra-stable stupidly-wide kickstand available I've had to take it off and put on the puny stock kickstand on the wrong side to help with loading on my setup.

      WL vs. U-T wafflers note that a WL with LL is just wide enough to allow four thicknesses of 2x lumber securely on the platform as I learned this weekend when carrying 4 8-foot 2x12s on mine. Does the U-T even work with a LL? How much narrower are they?

      Picture doesn't demonstrate this fact, but does demonstrate the kickstand conundrum.

      Anyway, no more Long Loaders? WTF?

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