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14996Re: Electric Edgerunner

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  • smpowrie
    Apr 28, 2014
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      I have had 2 BionX - 2 of the 250 watt models with the earlier NiMH batteries. I can't speak for the USA or Canada but in Australia they are outrageously expensive, especially for a direct drive motor. Really I must have either been stupid, misinformed or maybe in some sort of magnetically induced consumerist haze when I bought those bxxxdy things. ! I now realise that they are rubbish - perhaps the worst value and most over-priced electric assist on the market! They are unreliable, vulnerable to water and physical damage, designed with little or no resilience, impossible to get parts or service assistance for and conceptually dumb.

      These acerbic comments are all just my opinion of course but I can assure you that they are based on expensive and bitter real-life experiences! I suspect that the 'partnerships' you refer to just result from their marketing dep't presenting apparently attractive deals to manufacturers.

      If you want something really nice, really powerful and custom made for the Edgerunner I'd get the Grin Stokemonkey in the RSD torque-sensor, 'slow-wind' pedal assist version. There's a complete kit now available and you'll know you're getting just about the best supported device around. Or if you just want cheap and cheerful get a Bafang BBS-2 750 watt from em3ev with a nice big high quality em3ev battery. It's a sealed unit any fumbler can install in an hour or so and that comes with both throttle and pedal assist.

      All for the same price or less than the BionX.

      If neither of these high quality mid-drive items grab you just go and get a big direct-drive motor or maybe a MAC ready-built into a suitable 20" rear wheel. Em2ev sell complete high-quality kits ready to go!

      All of these options will put you light years ahead of the realm of sorrow that is BionX ownership!

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