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14987Electric Edgerunner

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  • jmk_spam
    Apr 14, 2014
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      I was confused to learn that Xtracycle doesn't actually sell the electric kit for the Edgerunners. They just recommend pairing with a Bionx PL350.

      Isn't something you can actually buy from Xtracycle alone, but it's something your local shop has to put together for you....

      I was even more confused when a local shop I visited was putting together their own electric power systems on to Edgerunners using 500W motors and 48V 20AH batteries in custom cases.

      It seems a few people on this forum feel that Bionx isn't great at customer support and the higher Watt systems seem appealing.  

      Can anyone speak to how/why Bionx seems to be getting partnerships with the bike manufacturers (I see Yuba uses them too now) when Bike shops seem to be going the other direction?

      Also, the Grin Stokemonkey option seems appealing, but it seems that it's still a work in progress.

      Any guidance on electrifying an edgerunner for SF hills and carrying kids would be greatly appreciated.


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