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14950Xtracycle has revamped their website

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  • ty_jedi
    Mar 18, 2014
      Just took a look at the Xtracycle website it and it has been completely overhauled. Definitely looks more polished and shiny, yay!

       The only criticism I have so far that I can't look up specific accessories in the same way I could before. I only recently did the free radical conversion to my old mountain bike, and went nuts with accessories, buying things I might use at some point. One thing I got was U-Tubes, for cargo and passengers. I also bought the long-loader. My mistake was not noticing that it does not work with the U-Tubes. I only found out last weekend when I went to haul my ancient plasma TV to E-Waste. The long-loader ALMOST fits, but not quite. So now I'm debating about exchanging the U-Tubes for the Wide Loaders, or just returning the long loader and doing without.

      Anyway,  I wanted to refresh my memory on weight capacity of each and went to the Xtracycle site and saw the new look. However, I noticed I couldn't pull up the same info on accessories on those accessories that I could before. I later found what I needed to know at bike trailershop.com.

      Manuals and things like that were easier to find on the new site, but no links to the Xtracycle blog or the Xtracycle community page either. I later found the blog here, abut there is nothing there.  I'm guessing the website will be gradually fleshed out with more content later.

      What do the rest of you think of the new website so far?

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