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14947Re: [ROOTSRADICALS] Re: Seeking advice as I get started..

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  • Liam Casey
    Mar 14, 2014
      $1200 doesn't sound like a particularly good deal for a Radish. That's very close to their list price ($999 for the base + 50 for the racks + 75 for the SnapDeck + 100 for the bags = $1224). The Radish only had a single chainring, which I always thought was odd for a cargo bike.

      Really, I second the Edgerunner. It's a bit more than you're hoping to spend -- about $1700 with the Hooptie -- but you'll get a MUCH stronger bike than anything you'd have with the bolt-on FreeRadical, and the included components are much better than what you'd find on a $700 bike. I wouldn't be too concerned about stability issues on the smaller rear wheel: if anything, it's more stable due to the lower center of gravity, and besides the extended frame is super stable anyhow. If you don't care for the style, that's a big concern, but my fiance likes the Zone Blue color.


      On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 8:11 AM, <hal.ninek@...> wrote:

      I would suggest checking out the Edgerunner at http://www.redlanternbicycles.com/ just to see what you might get if you saved up for awhile.  Even though I live in DC, that is where I bought mine back in October when they were difficult to come by.  I think they are the only dealer in Brooklyn that carries them. 

      Semi-funny story.  Red Lantern is a sorta hipster bike shop/coffee shop/bar.  I had read they were an Xtracycle dealer, so when in NYC I visited hoping I might find a brand new Edgerunner months before I would get one in DC.  I walked in, and spoke the the very nice tatooed fellow wearing a black tee shirt.  In fact, every person in the place was dressed in black.  So I asked him if he had any Edgerunners in stock and he said yes, there was one that someone decided they didn't want, and it just happened to be in my size.  My hopes soared - i really wanted a baby blue paint job - so I asked him what color it was.  He brought me around the corner, and there were 4 new Edgerunners, all of them in black.  I didn't even ask him if they knew there were other colors.

      So I now have a black Edgerunner my 5 year old calls black beauty.

      Steve Seelig

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