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14824Roof Rack Suggestions for Xtracycle

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  • hal.ninek@verizon.net
    Oct 20, 2013
      I'm the proud owner of a new Edgerunner (bye-bye Weehoo trailer), and am wondering what folks are using to transport their long-tails by car. I already have the Thule Aero bar set-up on my car, and have a strong preference for not having a $2,000 bike on a trunk mount carrier.

      Has anyone used one of the three tandem rack solutions that are on the market? Thule, Yakima and Rocky Mountain all seem to have a fork mount that swivels 90 degrees so that you needn't lift the entire weight over your head. Seems like an elegant solution, as you would expect for something costing $300-$400.

      Any experience would be much appreciated.

      Steve Seelig
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