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  • Tone
    Oct 4, 2013
      Thanks for the congratulations, and the link to the Urban Velo article.
      Unfortunately as luck would have it, I am not in that photo. I was one
      of the first inductees to come up on stage, and after I received my
      award I quickly made my way outside the venue.
      I am not into drinking, hate the smell of cigarette smoke, and I am
      already practically deaf in one ear, so I dislike being in very loud
      enclosed spaces. On that particular night the ceremony was suppose to
      start at 10pm, but it did not get under way until after midnight, which
      meant I had to wait around that entire time screaming into people's ears
      just to have a casual conversation over the unnecessarily loud music,
      which was a type I did not even enjoy.
      I imagine that photo from the Urban Velo blog was taken when I was
      inside the entry way of the bar/club talking without having to scream to
      a former messenger I had not seen in years. If someone had bothered to
      come and get me to pose for the group photo, then I was not that far
      away and I would have gone, but of course no one did.
      Just for the sake of identifying people in the photo though, from right
      to left starting with the crouched guys...

      1) Kevin "Squid" Bolger, long time messenger from NYC, who I consider a
      good friend. He was on the selection committee for the UCHOF, but I
      swear me being inducted was not rigged!
      2) Sean Martin, an inductee who I was never formerly introduced to.

      right to left standing...

      3) Gregory Ugalde, inductee, crazy awesome artist, and NYC messenger. We
      shared a hotel room while in Vegas and spent a lot of time together at
      the convention. I did not really like Vegas, but it was cool hanging
      with him.
      4) Sarah Murder, inductee, who I was also never formerly introduced to.
      5) Andy White, selection committee member, who actually won a couple of
      my NYC Cranksgivings.
      6) Christina Peck (?), I am not sure if that is her for sure because we
      were never formerly introduced, but she is another selection committee
      7) "Sino", inductee, and Japanese messenger, who I WAS formerly
      introduced to despite having quite a language barrier.
      8) Nelson Vails, selection committee member and old school NYC messenger
      well before beepers and cell phones. Among many other accolades he also
      happens to be an Olympic Silver Medal winner in cycling and raced Kevin
      Bacon's character in the messenger movie "Quick Silver." I met Nelson
      once or twice in the past at various messenger/cycling events.
      9) Billy "SoupHorse", a major organizer for the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame.
      10) Austin Horse, selection committee member, and NYC messenger. He also
      acted as the stunt double in the relatively recent messenger movie
      "Premium Rush." After that he also acted as a consultant/'executive
      producer' for the reality-TV messenger series called "Triple Rush,"
      which I believe aired on the Travel channel.
      11) John "Prolly" Watson (?), I am pretty sure that is John, but I was
      never formerly introduced to him. I stopped messengering in NYC at the
      very end of 2006 and moved to PA in the late Spring of 2007, so if he
      came into the NYC cycling/messenger scene around that time, then our
      paths may not have crossed.

      I do find something incredibly amusing about my absence in the Urban
      Velo group photo. Even though I would have willingly been a part of that
      photo if asked, usually I prefer to avoid being in photographs simply
      for the sake of not being identifiable to strangers, such as law
      enforcement for instance. It is not that I am a criminal or anything,
      but I have no need or desire to have strangers know what I look like. I
      do not even like using social media sites like Face Book or anything for
      the same reason.
      In fact, when I posed for a photo in the book "Messengers Style" I even
      wore a ninja-like outfit. There was a time back then when I would
      regularly wear a full head-and-neck balaclava with
      skull-hologram-imprinted ski goggles during the winter to stay warm, so
      I just went with the look of a ninja for the fun of it. I actually did
      train in martial arts for a number of years, and the image of an agile
      ninja fit in with being a quick and nimble messenger. In that fashion
      photography book I even did a high kick as a pose for the shot to really
      play up the ninja theme. Just to confuse things even more and play on my
      anonymity, the quote I included with my photo was very cryptic and
      included a couple of other pseudonyms from my past.

      What is even funnier to me about the lack of my presence in the Urban
      Velo photo is that there have been a number of times when I actually
      wanted to be a part of group photos, and for various reasons I missed
      them. For instance, some messengers in NYC organized what was called
      "Metropoloco" the weekend before the Cycle Messenger World Championships
      were held in Philadelphia. I had busted my ass volunteering for
      Metropoloco, but there were no official events happening on the last
      day. Instead, everyone just knew to gather and hang out on the boardwalk
      in Coney Island. Well, I was beat from working so hard the previous
      several days and did not want to bother going all the way out to Coney
      Island, so I stayed homed and relaxed. Sure enough, the official group
      photo ended up taking place in front of the old broken down Cyclone
      roller coaster. I have the really cool photo mounted in my hallway, but
      I am not even in it, but that is one I would have wanted to be in.
      Later on when NYC hosted the Cycle Messenger World Championships,
      everyone agreed I was the most trustworthy and dependable person to
      handle the cash while selling the official event merchandise. When
      everyone gathered for the official group photo though, of course I got
      stuck having to continue manning the booth to watch the cash and
      merchandise, so I am not in that photo either. The most ironic part of
      both the NYC CMWC and Metropoloco was that I was also in charge of
      making every participant's photo ID card, so I handled everyone's photo,
      but my own face never showed in the group photo!

      Oh wait, come to think of it, there is also another story about my
      photograph and the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame. Apparently there is a new
      "Tone" in the NYC messenger scene, who goes by the nick name "Stone
      Tone" or something like that. Well, when the UCHOF was gathering photos
      of the inductees to put up on a gallery wall with short profile/bios
      apparently they had Stone Tone's photo up as me until Squid or someone
      else noticed and forced them to take it down. Just so you know, Stone
      Tone is a black dude with dread locks, who rides a track bike. Me, well
      I am a white guy with a buzzed head, who rides a long tail cargo bike.
      Ultimately the photo, which was posted up on short notice for the UCHOF
      inductee wall, was one of me at one of my NYC Cranksgiving events. In it
      I am wearing my full head/neck balaclava, but no ski goggles, so I think
      it is kind of crappy.

      Maybe fate just does not like the way I look and does not want my image
      to be recorded for the ages. There are most likely more photos of my
      cargo bike floating around the internet than of me. Out of curiosity I
      just did a quick Google image search of "Tone Cranksgiving" and I did
      find a number of decent photos of me if anyone really does care to
      see/know what I look like. Just to prove I really was at the UCHOF
      inductee ceremony, here is a photo the Urban Velo reporter took of me
      when I was presented my award by Nelson Vails:
      I also came across a good collection of photos from the 2004 and 2005
      Cranksgivings in NYC, the latter being the event where that
      balaclava-wearing photograph came from, which ended up posted on the
      UCHOF gallery wall. They are also the years when Andy White, a UCHOF
      selection committee member, won Cranksgiving....

      I think that I have probably gone over the narcissistic quota for
      talking about photos of myself for one day, but enjoy it if you can,
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