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14798InterBike convention next week

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  • Tone
    Sep 14, 2013
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      Is anyone at Xtracycle or this list going to InterBike next week? For a
      little while it looked like I might not make it because of a petty hotel
      issue, but now it definitely looks like I will be there. My flight gets
      into McCarran airport at 1:40pm on Wednesday and I am flying out at
      1:55pm on Friday. Unfortunately due to the BS airline fees and physical
      hassle, I will not be bringing my Big Dummy with me. It would have been
      sweet to ride around Vegas though.

      In case anyone is wondering, the reason why I am going to InterBike is
      because I will be inducted into the newly formed Urban Cycling Hall of
      Fame for my creation of Cranksgiving. Cranksgiving is an open-course
      scavenger hunt styled bike ride/race where designated stores act as
      checkpoints and participants donate the purchased items from a shopping
      list to a local charity. Back in 1999 I started Cranksgiving as an alley
      cat race among the messenger community in New York City, but it has
      since spread like crazy to other cities and towns across North America
      and even the world via grassroots efforts of local organizers.

      It would be great to hook up and possibly hang out with fellow
      long-tail riders while in Las Vegas, either at the InterBike convention
      or perhaps elsewhere as long as transportation is not a hindrance. I
      know this sounds weird and maybe even slightly offensive to some women,
      but I am staying at the Hooters Casino and Hotel. I am not at all happy
      about that, and it was part of the drama involved with me possibly not
      going to Vegas. The messenger bag company Chrome is sponsoring the
      foundation of the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame, and the hotel coordinator
      for the UCHOF got a deal on a block of rooms or something. Regardless,
      that is where I will be staying in case anyone reading this happens to
      be staying nearby. It is about a quarter mile or several blocks north
      east of the convention.

      Hopefully someone on this list is going to InterBike, and I would look
      forward to meeting them.

      Best wishes and ride safe,
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