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14787Re: Help with disc brake install

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  • kiltie_celt
    Aug 9, 2013
      Thought I'd revisit this thread and let you all know that it worked out. Turns out the brakes were missing one of the mounts. I still had to acquire a 0mm mount for the front caliper to attach to the fork. I ended up attaching the fender stays to the mid-fork attachment points which meant I didn't have to really bend anything. I did have to put a couple of slight little bends in the lower of the two stays on each side but that was it. So far I like the brakes. I've only ridden the bike a few miles here and there since installing the disc brakes but they do seem to be a little more grabby than the V-brakes but not by much. From what I've read, mechanical discs really aren't much better in terms of stopping power than V-brakes. Still, they'll be much better in the rain for sure.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "kiltie_celt" <campbellm1415@...> wrote:
      > I'm upgrading my Franken-Radish to disc brakes and I'm kinda confused by the rear brake. I had bought a 203mm rotor but for some reason I read about needing an IS adapter for that rotor as well. I purchased a 203mm adapter and the caliper bottoms out on the rotor before the bolts are even screwed down all the way. I searched around a bit and found on the Xtracycle blog something about using a 160mm IS adapter with a 203mm rotor. It seems like that would be even less likely to work. Also, the disc brakes in their photo don't even remotely resemble the Avid BB7s that I have, so again, just not sure how well a 160mm adapter is going to work. I'm planning on calling up the folks at Xtracycle tomorrow and see what it is I'm doing wrong. I think I can get a 160mm adapter from one of the local bike shops, but if not I'll need to see if I can get one expressed to me with two-day shipping or something. We're having a local Cargo Bike Roll Call on Saturday and I was intending to get the brake conversion done before then so I could take my bike to the round up.
      > Also, with this install, it looks like I'll need to get creative with the stays for the front fender. What have other folks done to combat the incompatibility of the front fender stays with the disc brake rotor? Seems like the easiest solution would be a long spacer to get the stay out away from the caliper. I've also seen photos of some creative bending of fender stays, but I'd rather not have to buy a whole new set, not to mention stainless steel is a bear to bend anyway. Suggestions for the fender stays? I see that Universal Cycles sells some various fender parts and they carry a set from Planet Bike (my fenders are SKS Chromoplastics), that looks to include spacers, while there do not appear to be any such hardware kits with spacers available for the SKS fenders. I can also check my local Ace Hardware as they have a pretty good selection of really oddball nuts and bolts hardware.
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