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14782Re: Xtracycle Edgerunner-hopeful owner

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  • J. Nelson
    Aug 8, 2013
      Depending on your level of comfort... we bolted an extra PegPerego infant seat cradle to the snapdeck of our Xtracycle and just plopped the littlest one in there... but that meant that the other kids couldn't ride on the snapdeck easily. I also live in a pretty bike friendly place, and have no hills, so I have fewer objective hazards that might endanger passengers on the bike. The handle of the carrier can work as a roll-bar, however.

      Brakes are a HUGE DEAL, especially when carrying kids and cargo. Get big rotors. I like the metallic pads, as they stop well, even when wet. They squeak a lot as they burn in, but I sort of liked making a lot of noise and letting people know where I was.

      Good luck!


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