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14736Xtracycle Available for Rent in Milwaukee & Purchase in Two Weeks

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  • bluemeun
    Jul 8 2:02 PM

      I've been a five year old owner of a xtracycle in Milwaukee. I recently opened a bicycle shop with my partner and we are doing bicycle rentals.

      If anybody is in the area and wants to try a xtracycle- mine is a 1st generation kit with wide loaders and a padded back seat on a Trek 7300- renting it for a day(s)/week is a great way to try one out.

      More rental information can be found at: www.coastinbikes.com

      Also, the bike will be available for sale as we are becoming a dealer and I have a new front loader cargo bike coming in the next couple of weeks and some frames to start converting to xtracycles.

      So if your in the market, I have a used Trek 7300 with a 1st generation xtracycle kit with wideloaders and padded seat for the snapdeck. Disc brakes and Nuvinci back hub for the shifting. I'm selling the whole kit and bike for $700.

      I've been following this group for a long time since I've been cargo-curious to being an owner. Now I'm glad to be part of the shops selling cargo bikes to get more out there!


      Coast In Bikes
      700 S. 5th Street Milwaukee WI 53204