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14734Houston-area riders: Show off your Xtracycle Sept. 21

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  • Joyce Almaguer-Reisdorf
    Jun 20, 2013

      Hi, friends, in an effort to spread the word about cycling in town, especially using utility and cargo bikes, a Houston-area park will be hosting a special event in September:

      In addition to the events listed we will also be having a bike show, and hope to have a good display of cargo bikes.  

      If you or anyone you know would like to show off their bikes or help in any way, please let them know about this event, and if possible sign up at the link above.  Our Xtracycle was pretty life-changing because it allowed us to ride with our children (now 8.5) all over town, and hope we can encourage other people to make the same discovery.  Our Xtracycle still attracts attention, and people are always asking us, "Did you MAKE that?!?!"