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14700Re: new commuter, buyer's regret, and wanting and xtracycle

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  • Lawrence
    Jun 3, 2013
      Free Radicals are like levers: bolt one to the frame of a bike and if there is any flex to be found its the perfect tool to find it. I built my FR on a Karate Monkey frame and it performs like a champ( this weekend I delivered an 80lb sapling with my sidecar, but I really have to hand it to anyone brave enough to cart two squirming kids around!) But it all adds up to $850 worth of tubes that took me awhile to mate -no chain stay bridge, rear fork connection that just barely fit, and then there is the every-funky front anchor on the FR that I filled and drilled with JR Weld to stop the bolt from sliding around. And forget the scrap of carpet they give you to put under the alloy clamp (mine melted!), my kink was to cut leather pads from a spare Velo Orange mudflap. In retrospect I would only go the FR route again if I had a suitable base bike gathering dust to start with (like a triple-triangle GT), otherwise it would be a BD or Edge Runner frame. Or something really seductive like the Vanilla frame circulating around a year ago.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, David Dannenberg <ddannenberg@...> wrote:
      > Well, there you have it. Different amounts of experience and different opinions on ride quality.
      > As Samdog wrote: all options are good.
      > The ideal way to guess which option is best for you (cost aside) would be to try to find one or more of each--an X, a YM, and a BD--to actually ride both loaded and unloaded.
      > As to the weight difference: YM weighs 53lbs (according to this review http://www.upadowna.org/gear/review/yuba-mundo-cargo-bike) and the BD 39.5 lbs. (according to this Dirt Rag article: http://www.dirtragmag.com/reviews/surly-big-dummy). That is a difference of over 13 lbs--around 25%. Whether that matters for your use of a cargo bike I cannot tell you; I think it would matter to me for my uses. And the various accouterments and junk one carries changes the weight as well, as does the build. Weights above are for factory equipped models, not custom build-ups of factory frames.
      > David Dannenberg
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