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14696Re: [rootsradicals] Re: new commuter, buyer's regret, and wanting and xtracycle

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  • Brian Livelsberger
    May 30, 2013
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      Regarding flex: Cargo Joe (while nice on price point) is unlikely to have any less flex than any other good donor frame with the free rad bolted on, as it is simply... a free rad bolted onto a folding bike.

      On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 6:28 AM, Matt McKinney <matt7john@...> wrote:

      Donx27;t forget Cargo Joe! Itx27;s the new affordable option from Xtracycle that comes in at $999 for a complete bike. Itx27;s a folding bike to boot, which could be nice for storage.

      I donx27;t work for Xtracycle (though I sort of wish I could) so my pitch here isnx27;t based on anything other than my own experiences. After ten years with an X Ix27;m happy to report that itx27;s my favorite out of the 9 bikes hanging in my garage. I used it on a group mountain bike ride this past weekend, even though I wasnx27;t carrying kids or much cargo. Itx27;s just a great ride. As others here have already mentioned, the X (and its cousin the Big Dummy) ride like a bike. The cargo option is there when you need it, but it doesnx27;t limit the ride much. Youx27;ll notice the bikex27;s length when you pick it up to get up a flight of stairs, and you may get kicked off your supposedly bike-friendly public transportation system if you try to bring it into a light rail train ( thanks Metro Transit!) but the X will rarely let you down. The many options for customizing it to suit your needs means the bike can adapt to your changing lifestyle, too. This has been especially true for me when it comes to my two sons. Now that they want to ride their own bikes, we start rides with them piloting their own bikes. When they get tired, their bike goes on a rack I installed on a wide loader and the kid goes on the snapdeck. We couldnx27;t do long family rides without the X.

      Anyway. The Cargo Joe can get you into the X universe for cheap. Head over to an Xtracycle dealer and try it out, is the short version of everything Ix27;ve mentioned above.

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