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14694Re: new commuter, buyer's regret, and wanting and xtracycle

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  • Rich W
    May 29, 2013

      Hi-Ten steel is always a cost consideration driven choice. It is NOT stiffer than chrome-moly FOR THE SAME WALL THICKNESS AND WEIGHT. In Steel the alloy has little effect on the modulus of elasticity. Effective stiffness is a matter of tube diameter and wall thickness.

      I am not sure about current production but I have read reports of some older Yuba Mundos that had some standard part/accessory mounting holes misaligned making assembly difficult.

      Rich Wood

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "rdstreet" <rdstreet@...> wrote:
      > I am impressed with the amount of response. Thanks to all.
      > The more I read the more attracted I am to a Yuba Mondo. It has the highest weight rating, and costs much less than a Big Dummy. Odd to me that they use high tensile steel, though. Does anyone know if this is a cost or design consideration? I initially assumed it was cost, but I am now considering that it may be because high tensile steel is less flexy, which is a good thing in a cargo bike.
      > I don't have the cash, but I don't have the cash for a fully outfitted FreeRadical either, so a manufactured longtail means saving a little longer, and probably avoiding another thread with "buyers regret" in the title.
      > I am still considering the FreeRadical though, particularly for my wife's bike, which *I think* has conforming dropouts. Her load would be much less, as I have at least 80 pounds on her, and I will carry the heavier children.
      > Rob
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