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14693Re: new commuter, buyer's regret, and wanting and xtracycle

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  • David Dannenberg
    May 29, 2013

      There is a world of difference between the ride quality of a Big Dummy and that of a Yuba Mundo. The BD rides like a dream and feels good to ride. It is smooth, fast, predictable. The YM (at least the one that that I rode once) rode like a pig. I mean no disrespect to the bike or its owners, but I found it incredibly clunky and uncomfortable. Yes, it is more heavy duty. It is also more heavy period.

      To be fair, another variable is the components. The YM uses what seem to be low end pedals, handle bars, tires, etc. that themselves feel clunky. They won't break, but there is no pleasure in them. I used top kit when I built my BD and I am sure that makes a bit of difference in how it feels. Still, the main difference is frame design and weight.

      Also, the YM does not use the Xtracycle open source design so the X racks and hardware etc do not fit it. That is not to say that you can't get lots of goodies for the YM, but they tend to be fewer and proprietary. I would say that the YM is a great candidate for electric drive, or if you absolutely need to exceed the 400 lb capacity of the BD, or your budget just can't support the purchase of the BD. If you actually plan to pedal it a lot, I think the BD is the far superior choice.

      David Dannenberg
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