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14672Re: Growing the Xtracycle community | Brand strategy and development exploration

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  • zookeeper17@ameritech.net
    Apr 14, 2013
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      I would love to help,but still waiting- when I have money there are no bikes when there are bikes I seem to have no money.
      First I was looking at big dummy but my kids voted against it big and clunky.
      Last fall visited and had agreat visit with Nate and got to test ride the Ridgerunner-
      Now my kids say okay( this is big - both avid Mountain bikers ages 21&25).
      I have been talking with Robert too, since we want to build ours- last note now waiting until August or September.
      On return of my visit I dropped off information at a few of my local stores to increase awareness.
      Thing is if you increase awareness you MUST HAVE the PRODUCT.
      That said good luck
      Waiting again,
      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Ben Rosenthal <earthsaver@...> wrote:
      > Hey Radicals -
      > Do you feel free on your Xtracycle? Are you constantly struck by its utility? Do onlookers regularly strike up conversations about it? Do you talk about the functionality? What about the emotional appeal?
      > I'm an 8-year FreeRadical owner completing an MBA in Design Strategy this spring at California College of the Arts in SF. I'm working on a campaign to increase awareness of and interest in the Xtracycle brand and products.
      > In particular, I am looking for possible new customer segments to introduce to Xtracycle products and/or new methods of engaging existing Xtracycle customers as ambassadors to the brand. My research indicates that Xtracycles could benefit people in beach and resort towns and time-share owners in places like Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, where people may prefer not to drive to go shopping or do errands.
      > Also, as I have observed from participating in the Roots Radicals list over the years, we are one dedicated community. What if the Xtracycle brand was all about building communities or using existing communities like ours to gain exposure and increase sales? "One longtail at a time!"
      > I'd like to speak with some other owners about your experiences to learn what functional, emotional, and other benefits you get through your Xtracycle ownership and riding. Are you interested and available to chat with me between now and next Thursday, April 18? I would be happy to speak in person (if we can meet in San Francisco or Berkeley/Oakland), on the phone, or in a video meeting.
      > Thanks! I hope to hear from you.
      > - Ben
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