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  • Robert Tilley
    Apr 11, 2013
      My Dummy mainly gets used as a weekend erand runner so it gets in lots of Costco trips, grocery runs, Home Depot trips, etc. Most of my cargo is odd shaped which makes it somewhat of a pain to load into the Freeloaders. I tend to carry Rubbermaid (?) storage buckets on the Wideloaders which makes getting my cargo home much more efficient for me.
      I don't have any pics of the buckets in use online but they basically help me avoid loads like this:

      They also sit at virtually the same height as the deck so they can be used as a platform as well which came in handy when I decided to pick up some topsoil on the way home from Costco one day. The 40 lb bag loaded right on top of the deck/bucket.
      Robert Tilley
      San Diego, CA
      On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Davey Oil <daveyoil@...> wrote:

      Say more! I use my x for all trips, haul quite a lot of bikes and tools and groceries and almost never use my wideloaders.

      On Apr 9, 2013, at 11:56 AM, rltilley@... wrote:


      For me the single most useful accessory has been the Wideloaders. Not sure how useful they would be with kids on the back but they made the Big Dummy into much more of a car substitute than it was with just the Freeloaders.

      Robert Tilley
      San Diego, CA

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      Hi there,

      An X just popped up on Craiglist in my area and it got me thinking: why not make it a goal to cycle more than I drive this summer? But before taking the plunge, my husband and I would like to make an extensively complete list of bells and whistles needed to enjoy our long tail.

      We have two kids, weighing 22 and 37 lbs. I was thinking of having the little one in a Yepp, and the older one sitting on a homemade seat with foot rests. We intend on riding up to 12miles round trip, with as many stops as necessary (hills, kids' pea breaks...) I would like to remain minimalist in what I haul around (pump, tire patch kit, tube, cell phone, garbage bags/rain gear). Lights and a lock. What else should I have on the bike?

      If everything works out, I would like to consider extending our cycle commuting to the fall and beyond! So I would need rain gear (jacket, pants, gloves).

      Thanks in advance,
      Eunice in Victoria BC


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