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14660Re: [rootsradicals] Looking to join the ranks

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  • Sean Mackin
    Apr 10, 2013
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      I concur on the list so far. Get fun bell and/or squeak horn for yourself and passengers. I regularly call back to my daughter to help me ring her bell as we approach driveways and tight spots. Lighting is a good idea. Even for day time rides. I have blinking lights front and rear. A cheap $10 bike computer for the kids bars is fun too. You can ask them how fast you are going etc. I keep granola bars, coloring books and extra water with me all the time. A handful of straps for the surprise load you may want to bring home (REI sells them in all sizes, I carry, 2 short, 2 medium and 2 long ones, 2 with quick release the others regular).


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      On Apr 8, 2013, at 9:54 PM, "nicemart1" <nicemart1@...> wrote:


      Hi there,

      An X just popped up on Craiglist in my area and it got me thinking: why not make it a goal to cycle more than I drive this summer? But before taking the plunge, my husband and I would like to make an extensively complete list of bells and whistles needed to enjoy our long tail.

      We have two kids, weighing 22 and 37 lbs. I was thinking of having the little one in a Yepp, and the older one sitting on a homemade seat with foot rests. We intend on riding up to 12miles round trip, with as many stops as necessary (hills, kids' pea breaks...) I would like to remain minimalist in what I haul around (pump, tire patch kit, tube, cell phone, garbage bags/rain gear). Lights and a lock. What else should I have on the bike?

      If everything works out, I would like to consider extending our cycle commuting to the fall and beyond! So I would need rain gear (jacket, pants, gloves).

      Thanks in advance,
      Eunice in Victoria BC

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