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14652Re: [rootsradicals] plans for kid seat and a few more questions

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  • gear.head@verizon.net
    Apr 6, 2013
      The ones I used are by Odessey. If you look on Ebay search "fork standers". You will need to make a small shim. I used a strip of plastic cut from a plastic bottle. My wife finds them comfortable too.

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      On Apr 4, 2013, at 12:22 AM, Sean Mackin <gear.head@...> wrote:



        Sorry for the delay. Attached is some assorted pictures with the pegs up and down as well as the stoker stem set up and seat. I put her old foot rest in place for you to get an idea what she used before her feet reached the pegs. The strap is a generic one from REI. They sell them in a wide variety of sizes and configuration. This one is about 3' long with a quick release buckle. She rarely wears it now.


      --- On Fri, 3/29/13, Brian Livelsberger <livelsbe@...> wrote:


      Where did you source those foot rests from? I wouldn't mind having a set for the occasional adult passenger on mine.

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