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14645Re: [rootsradicals] plans for kid seat and a few more questions

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  • Sean Mackin
    Mar 28, 2013

        I will broach this one with caution since it stirred up quite the discussion back when I first posted my set up. Anyway. For my kids (3 have ridden with me safely in different configurations) I put together a simple stoker set up similar to what you can buy from xtracycle but way cheaper. First on the shopping list is a seat post shim from 27.2 to 28.6, you can find them on eBay for $3-$5. This will allow you to use a standard 1 1/8" bike stem as a stoker stem. Next find a nice long stem with decent rise, I currently have 135mm. Again, eBay is a good place to start but Nashbar and Jensen usually get stuck with the long ones, so they are usually pretty cheap on close out. Couple that with and old riser handlebar cut down to size. The next part of my set up is the pad and belt. I took and old stadium seat cushion and trimmed it into a nice short pad to sit on. I made a cover out of an old sweatshirt. The seat belt I use is a generic web strap with quick release from REI. I have about 6 of them with me all the time anyway. They are great for securing loads. Especially precious ones like a little one. With the belt, pad and stoker they are secure and comfortable. For fun we have added a foot pad for little feet and buddy pegs for longer legs. Those too can be found under "fork standers" in the bmx section. Those are clamp on foot pegs. I have the flip up odyssey brand on mine. I will send you a bunch of pictures if you would like. 

        Currently my 4 year old and I have been doing weekly mountain bike adventures with this set up. We stick mostly to fire roads and very tame single track. It is super fun!

        As for tire pressures experiment and see what works best. I have dabbled down in the 20's but usually run low 30's for good compromise between traction, comfort and rolling resistance.

        Have fun and get those kids out on a bike 


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      On Mar 27, 2013, at 8:29 PM, Don Thompson <donthompsonjr@...> wrote:


      Hi Radicals,

      I'm continuing to upgrade my cargo bike, and am wondering some could offer a few suggestions.

      1)  Does anyone have plans for a child seat of any sort or a recommendation for something to strap a 3+ year old in to? I have a hooptie ordered, but since my guy isn't 4 for a while, I think having something for him to sit in would be good (and don't want to order a hooptie and the pea pod, a little too pricey).  I figure the hooptie will last for a lot longer.

      2)  I have Big Apple tires, size 2.35, and they're great!  What PSI do others recommend riding on? 

      3)  Does anyone have a favorite rear fender they like?



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