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14643Re: [rootsradicals] plans for kid seat and a few more questions

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  • Liz W Durham
    Mar 28, 2013

      Hey DT.
      I just used a basic webbed strap with a buckle. It was enough to remind him to stay seated. I also put a stoker bar off my seat post. Having something to hold on to definitely helped him.

      On Mar 27, 2013 10:29 PM, "Don Thompson" <donthompsonjr@...> wrote:

      Hi Radicals,

      I'm continuing to upgrade my cargo bike, and am wondering some could offer a few suggestions.

      1)  Does anyone have plans for a child seat of any sort or a recommendation for something to strap a 3+ year old in to? I have a hooptie ordered, but since my guy isn't 4 for a while, I think having something for him to sit in would be good (and don't want to order a hooptie and the pea pod, a little too pricey).  I figure the hooptie will last for a lot longer.

      2)  I have Big Apple tires, size 2.35, and they're great!  What PSI do others recommend riding on? 

      3)  Does anyone have a favorite rear fender they like?



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