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14627Re: [rootsradicals] which xtracycle accessory for free radical?

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Mar 3, 2013
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      My dog is about a third of the weight of the dog in question. He is
      about 6 kg or 8 lbs. I bought a laundry basket to sit on the
      non-traffic-side wide-loader. I use the free-loader clips to hook the
      laundry basket into place through the basket's handle holes. I figured
      the dog's weight would keep the basket from flipping out over bumps
      (since the attachment was only at the top), but went ahead and added
      another strap that went through one handle, around the basket and to the
      wide loader. This basket could easily contain a much larger dog. The
      only problem with my dog is that he's too small to get in by himself. I
      have to lift him in and out.

      My dog wears a harness. I fixed a strap with a clip on it to the top of
      the non-traffic-side v-rack. I clip this strap (aka seat belt) to the
      front of my dog's harness. I found that if I clip it to the back of his
      harness (i.e. the usual spot), he could jump out (but this was with a
      smaller basket). I usually clip his leash to the front of his harness,
      too, since it helps keep him from pulling (or swings him back around to
      me when he does pull).

      Somewhere on the internet, I have seen a picture of someone carrying a
      2-3-year-old nephew in a free-loader. The kid looked comfortable
      enough. When I tried it, the kid wasn't that familiar with me or the
      bike, so it was no-go.

      Anyway, I find that the weight of my dog is negligible, but his basket
      is on the opposite side of my bike's battery (I've got a stokemonkey).
      A 2-3-year-old kid probably wouldn't be too much of a problem, either.
      A lot of it has to do with experience. Heavier weights, like Tone's
      80-lb dog, would require some adjustment in handling.

      I have carried loads that were so heavy and so poorly balanced (this
      last being the problem), that I had trouble getting started and needed a
      push. After that, it was ok. Recently, I carried a large box full of
      books that was heavy enough to make the bike wheelie when parked. The
      box could have been 70-80 lbs. I could pull the bike down when I wanted
      to ride it - so no wheelies in transit. I did have to give the bike a
      serious lean to compensate for the weight. This lean for balance
      becomes automatic with practice.

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