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14612Re: [rootsradicals] My Xtracycle build failure

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  • Thom Chiaramonte
    Feb 21, 2013
      I have a friend that has a Mixte/step-through frame for the Xtracycle Free Radical project he has ridden for about 3 years now, and he really loves it. In fact, the single most unnerving part of my riding experience is getting on and off. I drop the seat post to mount/dismount.

      On Feb 21, 2013, at 9:59 AM, George Gusses <gussesg@...> wrote:


      I broke a frame a few years ago and wanted to replace it with a strong frame that had a low top tube so it could be easily mounted. I looked around and eventually I wanted a radish frame so I called the folks at Xtracycle and they sold me just the front end of a radish for 180 or 200 bucks. I really like it and it is solid. I also took it to the local welder and had them make my old free rad a little beefier and had the radish frame welded to the freerad so it is now all one piece. Couldn't be happier with my custom x. 

      Remember to smile for no good reason :)
      George Gusses

      On Feb 16, 2013, at 20:51, "kiltie_celt" <matthew-campbell@...> wrote:


      Well, a lot of you probably read my blog post detailing how I constructed my Xtracycle using my old '94 Stumpjumper as the donor bike. Well, I've ridden it some and through a couple shakedown cruises decided to change some things around. The most recent change was to swap out the riser bar/bar ends combo in favor of a trekking bar to get more hand positions. I finally got all the parts for the trekking bar conversion and started working on it this weekend.

      Long story short - the old Stumpy frame is too small. The Stumpy frame which is an 18" worked just fine as a mountain bike. I ran the bike with the stem way lower than the seat and though I ran a lot of exposed seatpost the smaller frame (I should take about a 20" normally), allowed me to have a stiffer more maneuverable bike for tight singletrack mobility.

      So, as I sat there this evening trying different bar positions, raising and lower the stem, etc. I came to the realization that I prefer a more stretched out riding position similar to my touring bike and that the more upright position caused by the smaller frame (ie. shorter top tube), means I need to invest in a new frame. I could trawl ebay and Craigslist until the cows come home, but that would take a lot of time and looking before I found another suitable frame in the right size and in good condition.

      So, I decided I'd just buy the Nashbar aluminum mountain bike frame and their corresponding suspension-corrected cro-moly fork.



      Of course this all means I'll need a bunch of extra stuff like headset, seatpost clamp, bottom bracket, lower rise stem, etc. but I think the extra expense will be well worth it to end up with a better fitting frame that will be much more comfortable for longer rides. The plus side is, the mountain bike I've been wanting to build with a drop bar can be done with my old Stumpjumper, so I'll still be keeping it around and I'm sure down the road it'll see use again once I can build it back up. Of course, I'll be sure to blog the construction of the new Xtracycle based on the larger aluminum mountain bike frame. And there will undoubtedly be another booze-fueled shakedown cruise as well.

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