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14578Re: [rootsradicals] Troubleshooting Build Issues

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  • Pete B
    Jan 24, 2013
      Never had a problem with the "special nuts" loosening. I did convert them over to quick release skewers (from spare seatpost clamps) early on though.

      Did have a problem with the long bolt through the front tonque/FAP moving but that's another story...

      On 23 January 2013 11:15, thirdraildesignlab <thom@...> wrote:

      1. Have you ever had your 'special nuts' loosen on their own? I admit that checking these nuts was not on my regular pre-ride checklist as it should have been, but I noted yesterday that one side had loosened and allowed the left side of the FR to lift up and out of the drops (given substantial high center of gravity weight loading at the time) rendering the bike not only unridable, but pretty much uncontrollable. No injury to me or my lil' passengers. But I was surprised that there was loosening of these bolts, given their critical importance, and even more so that it happened on one side of a largely symmetrical assembly (excepting of course the force of the drivetrain on the opposing side)

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