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14557Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Big ol' tires! ... and the fenders that cover them.

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  • dr2chase@mac.com
    Jan 5, 2013
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      On 2013-01-05, at 2:21 PM, Tone <tone@...> wrote:

      > David,
      > No offense, but I strongly disagree with your opinion about big tires
      > getting you more load capacity. I say this from my personal experience in
      > primarily riding with 1.5” tires.

      No offense taken -- I'm just working from the Schwalbe site; they include load ratings for different sizes of Big Apple, and the fatter the tire, the higher the rating. Here's where I got my info: http://www.schwalbetires.com/bike_tires/road_tires/big_apple

      There's apparently a tradeoff between wheel strength and tire strength; my understanding is that smaller (spoked) wheels are stronger than larger ones, but larger tires appear to be stronger (carry larger loads) than smaller ones.

      Back when I ran 700c, I did bottom out a 32mm (1.25") tire to the point that I rumpled the rim. Fortunately, disk brakes, and I could fix it with vise-grips, but not a really great thing to have happen.

      > I am not sure what you mean by longer intervals between tire inflation.

      Many weeks, maybe months. I suspect that Slime would also work better in the larger, lower-pressure tires, just because of the lower pressure pushing goop through holes..

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