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14549Big ol' tires! ... and the fenders that cover them.

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  • kiltie_celt
    Jan 3, 2013
      So, one of the last things to do on my build is get some fenders on the ride. Right now I have some Kenda 26x1.95 but I'd like to have the ability to run slightly larger tires, say 26x2.35 or so. I don't know exactly how big of a tire I could squeeze onto my frame without worrying about chain rub issues (back tire), or front fork/V-brake clearance. A couple sets of fenders I'm looking at are SKS B60 which will take up to 2.1 size or SKS P55 which can take up to 2.3 size. Do you think there's really that much difference in terms of weight carrying capacity or whatever - any major reason why you'd choose 2.3 over 2.1 size tires? For the record, I can buy the B60s for about $30, and the P55s for $46, so only a $15 difference. I'm kinda leaning towards the P55s just so I know if I end up going up to 2.3 I'll have the room for them. Suggestions?
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