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14543RE: [rootsradicals] Alternative snap decks

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  • Tone
    Dec 24, 2012
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      I know a number of people have spoken about various options, and many
      prefer recycled/reused options, but here is another possibility. When I
      made a side-extension with a railing to put atop a wide-loader for my dog
      to be able to hop on and off, I used ½” HDPE cutting board material. I
      call it the “dog chariot.” Anyway, I ordered the cutting board material

      You can plug in the exact dimensions you want and they will send it to
      you. They charge by the square inch if I remember correctly. I think the
      largest size they can offer is 4’x8’, which is way more than enough. They
      also offer multiple colors (white, tan, yellow, blue, green, and black).
      All the colors are available in ½” thickness, while ¾” thickness is
      available in all colors except black. You can even get a 1” thickness,
      but that is only available in white as a full 4’x8’ sheet.

      I think I spent something like $30-$50 with shipping to get a 12”x30”
      black cutting board. I realize it was custom ordered and new rather than
      salvaged, but I recall the service rep I dealt with saying their HDPE
      products are all made from 100% recycled materials. Then again, I could
      be mixing that up with Xtracycle’s eco-deck or whatever. I should mention
      the rep I interacted with was also thoughtful enough to throw in two
      small scrap boards of the same material so I would have something to
      practice my cuts on. All that is necessary is a wood saw of some kind. I
      used a table saw and circular saw, but a jig-saw or hand-saw would work
      fine too. I believe I have posted a link to photos of my dog chariot
      before, but in case anyone is interested:

      My dog, Pandora, is super cute in the photo, but she has grown immensely
      since then to something around sixty pounds. Now I have to be at a full
      stop and bracing myself when she steps into the chariot, then I kind of
      ride like I have not had a V-8 juice if there is not a balancing load on
      the other side of the bike.

      Ride safe,
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