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14494Re: [rootsradicals] Carrying a ladder

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  • thom chiaramonte
    Dec 10, 2012
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      what an awesome photo set. I am preparing to bring home 8 2x4x8' and a number of smaller units, and was hoping to do it by bike, but without wide loaders I don't think I can rig a stable enough harness. I think those are my next xtracycle investment. 

      On Dec 10, 2012, at 3:51 PM, dr2chase@... wrote:


      You're going to get oscillation, it's pretty much unavoidable (you and the ladder form a giant tuning fork). Worst case for me was 4 8' 4x4s:


      It was an upper-body workout; I could damp the oscillations, but I was unable to stop them.


      On 2012-12-10, at 6:18 PM, kest918 <kest918@...> wrote:

      > What's the longest ladder that you guys have carried? Do any of you have any special tips or tricks? I have access to a 20' folding ladder aluminum. I have a set of wideloaders I can use but its just one ladder and it offsets my load enough that it makes the ride shaky. Thanks, Mike
      > __.

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