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  • Rich W
    Dec 10 11:41 AM
      The "no subject" message from Beth Alton has been removed from the files and I will be contacting her to let her know of her spambot infection and moving her to moderated status.

      ANY POST IN ANY YAHOO GROUP WHICH IS A LINK WITH NO CLEAR EXPLANATION OR WITH NO MESSAGE OR TITLE SHOULD NOT BE CLICKED ON. Typically these are spambot messages and clicking on them will also infect your computer.


      No title or a generic one such as 'look at this" or "Check this out".

      No message or a generic message that makes no reference to the group subject matter followed by a link.

      A link listed and little or nothing else. Sometimes placing your cursor on the link will show a different link content in the lower left corner of the screen than what you see the link claim to be.

      Rich Wood