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14476RE: [rootsradicals] What's your longest one day ride or longest trip overall?

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  • Tone
    Dec 2, 2012
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      If by “century” you mean a general 100 miles, rather than an organized
      100 mile ride for a charity/group ride, then yes I have ridden a century
      a couple of times on my Big Dummy. Actually, it was more like 114 miles
      and both times I did it in one day.
      After I moved to York, PA I found out an artist of the only comic book I
      ever collected was going to be attending a comic convention in Baltimore
      Maryland, and I had never seen him in person. Before I moved to the area,
      I knew about a rail trail from York, PA running down into Maryland, so I
      naturally intended on riding it at some point. Just for a side note, the
      rail line is the same one used by Abraham Lincoln when he traveled up to
      give the Gettysburg Address. The rail line was also a significant route
      of the Underground Railroad, and the first town along its path north of
      the Mason-Dixon Line is appropriately called New Freedom, PA.
      Anyway, the very next day after I picked up my Big Dummy (before this I
      had an Xtracycled Univega, which broke), I biked down to Baltimore as a
      reconnaissance ride to figure out the precise route and see exactly how
      long it would take to bike down there for my later trip to the actual
      comic book convention. The trip down is 57 miles one way with it mostly
      flat on the rail trail, but then there are significant rolling hills in
      Maryland between the end of the rail trail and Baltimore. Once I arrived
      outside the convention center and looped around the block to determine
      the most secure lock up spot, I then simply headed back home on my Big
      For the second trip down to Baltimore on the day of the convention, I had
      to leave way early in the morning while it was still dark. Since the rail
      trail is under the authority of the parks department, I had to get
      advance permission to be on it at night because night time usage of the
      rail trail is officially not allowed. Since I hung out for a few hours at
      the convention, I ended up being on the rail trail after the sun set as
      well, but both times I was lit up like a Xmas tree. I had red strobe
      lights, handle-bar mounted head lights, a head-mounted light, a 2-tube
      blue Down-Low-Glow system, and even a couple of different colored glow
      sticks for good measure.

      Apart from those two rides I have not toured/bike-camped like I use to
      before even getting my Xtracycle. Although, I did do a charity century
      ride on my Xtracycle, but that was 100 kilometers instead of 100 miles.
      Come to think of it, I biked up to the start of that century and back
      home, so technically I did actually do more than 100 miles that day.
      Having a long tail cargo bike on that century ride also made things more
      amusing. Since I hauled everything I needed on board, I never had to stop
      at any of the rest stops. Many other riders would pass me, only to pass
      me again repeatedly between check points.

      Ride safe,
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