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14433Re: [rootsradicals] DIY infant carrier

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  • Dave Lloyd
    Nov 21, 2012
      Dad of four here, and I agree: you really want to ride your bike with the new one, but it's probably best to wait a bit.  When you do start riding, take it slow and easy and ride with fat tires at a lower pressure to provide some natural suspension. Be especially mindful of situations that may create a conflict (that's a conflict of space rather than a shouting match) with you and motorists when you start riding, so make sure to make yourself visible and to not ride in a way that encourages people to pass you too closely or turn in front of you. Also, putting a baby seat on the top of your deck can make your bike unexpectedly top heavy, so be aware of the tip factor, too.  

      I can pull a Burley with my Big Dummy (total kid capacity is four with that setup, the same as our minivan), and I'd feel far more comfortable with towing a baby in either a Burley or Chariot than on the back of my Big Dummy. You'll be busy enough just figuring out what to do with the new sprout, so don't overly complicate the situation.

      Congratulations on your new addition and happy riding! Even if you wait just three months, it'll pass before your know it, though that might just be the sleep deprivation playing havoc with your short and medium term memory.


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