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14431RE: [rootsradicals] DIY infant carrier

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  • Tone
    Nov 20, 2012
      I concur with everyone’s assessment about carrying an infant. You might
      inadvertently cause shaken-baby syndrome to your precious one while just
      going on a nice pleasant ride around the block.
      I also strongly suggest you be wary about attaching a seat to your
      snap-deck. Someone else touched on the suspension issues inherent to an
      infant in an attached car seat, which again goes back to the shaken-baby
      concern, but it is called a “snap-deck” for a reason. A few times when I
      still had a wooden snap deck it came loose from a bump in the road. One
      time it even came loose while transporting my girlfriend on the back! We
      were just going over a metal plate on a bridge. Obviously you would be
      much more careful with a kid on the back, but it is still something to
      think about.
      After that I retrofitted buckle straps near the front and back ends of
      the snap deck, so that the straps wrapped around the deck and the metal
      tubing of the racks. This way the snap deck could not be taken off or pop
      off on its own without the straps being unfastened. Before I set up a
      stoker bar the forward strap also doubled as a hand hold, similar to what
      a cowboy on a bull might hold onto. Now on my Big Dummy I have the black
      plastic polyethylene (?) deck from Xtracycle, which includes metal
      mounting hooks that prevent the deck from popping off at all.

      Ride safe, including your little ones…
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