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14417Re: What is your favorite non-Kickback kickstand?

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  • I_am_Bo
    Nov 16, 2012
      I had a double-leg Pletscher on my Big Donkey for a couple of years, then gave it back to a friend when he bought a Big Dummy.

      I replaced it with a $10 single legged Greenfield kickstand and have found I much prefer the single legged stand . . . especially with heavy loads and/or wideloaders on.

      With the single leg I can tilt the loaded bike up to vertical and roll it forward or backward while the kickstand is still deployed, then just lean it back over when I have the bike exactly where I want it. A little thing, but something I found I have a strong preference about.

      The stand has been plenty sturdy under some exceptionally heavy loads, and quite stable underneath an excited two year old (under close supervision of course).

      You can see a few kickstand action shots here:

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