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14408Re: New to the group - building my own Xtracycle

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  • Thaddeus Block
    Nov 9 8:47 AM
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      Hey there,
      sounds like a great project.
      couple of recommendations:
      1.) Surly open bar is a great handlebar for cargo bikes.  I have that bar on my surly big dummy, and it is super duper comfy and responsive.  I commute about 100 miles per week and love it.
      2.)  Don't mix old and new chains.  I actually tried that myself when building up my big dummy, and it didn't work well at all.  Try all new chains on your drivetrain, and hopefully it works.  if your cogset is too worn, you may have slippage and then you run into the issue of needing a new 7speed which would be hard to find.... 
      3.) For cargo biking, you want your body position to be comfortable and more upright than other bikes in my opinion.  This way you can really look around and be more aware of cars etc....  you are not going for speed records on cargo bikes, so don't worry about going aero!
      4.)  Watchamacollars are super expensive, but pretty nice.  if you are on a budget, I'm sure there are good ways to jury rig in on there with hose clamps and shim material. 
      5.)  The xtracycle bags are pretty nicely made.  I have the expensive ones and feel that those were worth the investment. 
      good luck!
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