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14406Re: [rootsradicals] New to the group - building my own Xtracycle

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  • dr2chase@mac.com
    Nov 9, 2012
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      > I think I've see all of about 3 or 4 Xtracycles with drop bars, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that a drop bar, even a wide one, probably doesn't allow for enough control on a heavily loaded bike, correct? So, my first question - drop bars, yes or no?

      I used drop bars for a while, and they were fine. Don't recall control issues, but I am 6', 220lbs (should lose a little weight) and some muscles.

      Right now I am happy upright with Montmartre bars from Velo-Orange (they're skinny, 42cm). Generally I think I would recommend Left Bank, they're a good shape, not quite so skinny, so not so risky. I don't quite get the preference for wide-wide-wide bars; I tried some of those once and they didn't work that well (for me). I don't need the wide bars for control; I've hauled 270lbs with my skinny upright bars.

      > My original riding position on the Stumpy as an offroad mtb was with the bar lower than the saddle and a fairly stretched out position. Not comfortable at all for lengthy rides on a heavily laden bike.

      Yeah, don't do that. Drop bars, pulled in, a little high, might be just what you want.

      > I run a 110mm adjustable stem on my commuter and it's angled pretty steeply to get the bar close to level with my saddle. I'm going to shoot for a similar riding position on the XtraStumpy. Nashbar sells a Ritchey adjustable stem like I have on my commuter. I'm thinking maybe go with the longest one they sell - 120mm to help account for the way the main riding position on the trekking bar is a couple inches back from where it would be on a normal bar. Sound okay? Any suggestions?
      > I'm using all the old drivetrain components of the Stumpy as well, but being circa '94 they're 7 speed Suntour thumb shifters along with a real Franken-bike set up of an XT rear derailleur on a basic Shimano 7 speed rear cogset. Should I just buy two whole new chains for 7 speed to use rather than trying to use the chain extension that comes with the Xtracycle kit? Finally, does anyone have a good suggestion for an affordable way to secure the rack bars without buying the expensive Watchamacollars?

      Don't know if they expanded the FreeRadical holes or not, but they were tighter than the ones on the Big Dummy 1.0, and did not need Watchamacollars. Maybe you still don't. If they're as tight as I remember, be sure to grease them before assembly, else aluminum-on-steel galvanic corrosion will mess you up.

      Do whatever is cheapest; 2 chains will leave you some extra, if you save it, you will eventually have enough left over to make your own extension.

      I might go slow on the whole handlebar thing, if you have a setup that lets you swap out bars w/o dismantling all the stuff on them (i.e., a bolt-on plate on your stem). Try what you've got, see how you like it. Beware of the whole MTB-vs-road bar diameter and V/Linear vs Canti/Center/Side cable pull standards. You can get road-pull disk brakes (Avid), if you need them.

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