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14405Re: New to the group - building my own Xtracycle

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  • Shawn Antaya
    Nov 9, 2012
      Hi - Welcome to the group and congratulations on purchasing the Xtracycle.
      I find the straight mountain bike bar sufficient. With the touring bar be sure you have space to mount the needed hardware such bell, lights, etc.
      If your 7 speed only needs a chain and it's tried-and-true I'd say stick with it. You'll have opportunities to change it later if there are problems.
      Prior to the Watchamacollars being available I drilled a small hole through the tube and attached a small bolt with a lock nut. This deters an easy theft and prevents separation in any other event. I only did this to the front tubes and it's worked just fine for the past 6+ years.
      Good luck. - Shawn
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