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14402NYC Sandy Relief cargo bike requests

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  • kentcorbell
    Nov 4, 2012
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      Hi all. I'm a Yuba Mundo owner in Brooklyn. Looking for owners, shops, and/or bike manufacturers to donate or loan cargo bikes for use in delivering aid to people without food, water, heat and more. Please see below.

      If you have contacts within XTRA, Surly, Yuba, and other makers, please share with them.

      These bikes can make a difference right away.


      I have an urgent request. With the gas crunch in NYC post-Sandy, the occupysandy organized aid group could put cargo bikes to immediate and very beneficial use.

      Will you please donate some or all of the the existing inventory of cargo bikes at your dealers in and around NYC for use by the various occupysandy hub sites?

      Occupysandy has multiple hub sites around the city collecting goods, organizing volunteers, and distributing aid as needed to people in danger from flooding, fires, looting, and pending very cold weather. See http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/ for details.

      I bought my Yuba Mundo bike from Bicycle Roots in Brooklyn. I used my Mundo today to deliver aid supplies and I plan to make my bike avail when I'm not using it myself for the next few days.

      The immediate benefits of bike use have been noticed and publicized this last week in the city. The bump in bike use will assist the general overall increase in bike use in the city. Cargo bikes, and the lifestyle they enable, can be a part of that story. Check out the bicycleroots FB page for a good collection of post-sandy bike coverage.



      Kent Corbell