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14396Re: Towing bikes with xtracycle

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  • anthonyeberger
    Oct 26 5:20 AM
      Good information David. Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it. Thankfully I'm a tad under 200lbs but it does have a rather heavy electric hub wheel and a bunch of heavy batteries in back.

      Oddly, I was just talking to someone looking to unload a pugsly fork and I was considering the swap. I think I'll get it just "in case". At least that's how I'll justify to the wife that I need to spend more money on bikes :)

      I'm waiting for the side car too. My goal is 3 sets of batteries so I can comfortably ride to the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair next spring with all my camping gear and such. It's about 150 miles and hilly.

      Keep riding

      Tony B.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, dr2chase@... wrote:
      > On 2012-10-25, at 7:50 AM, anthonyeberger <anthonyeberger@...> wrote:
      > > Than again, I'm also the weirdo riding my Xtra with a front suspension fork which many think is a no no too :)
      > Eventually, it is a no no. I wore mine out quite a lot after just a few years, which is what precipitated the Big D upgrade. Donor bike was reassembled and rebuilt to best of ability and sold for small $ to a much lighter person (with a warning about the fork -- it wasn't unusable, just getting old fast under my use) and sold the FreeRadical to someone on this list.
      > The thing I am coming to appreciate more and more is that (modern) bicycles really are not much overbuilt, which is why you need to keep an eye on that fork; the longer wheelbase adds a lot to the load on the front wheel. And if you already weigh over 200lbs, and drive on our wonderful Northeastern roads....
      > David
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