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14371Re: Newbie 1st post: Think the EdgeRunner will be a game changer for

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  • katsujinkenliu
    Oct 17, 2012
      Super helpful Thad! Thanks for responding to my questions. Even more to think about. I've read elsewhere that the front hub motors feel somewhat akin to being pulld along, which, in certain circumstances would be good.

      Tracy and I-at least at this point-would really like to retain a non-assisted riding experience as much as possible--at least on the flats...hence, at least in theory, we were leaning towards a pedelec type assist. You make some great points to think about, so we'll be considering more ;). Some of it will come down to pure economics when we see the various EdgeRunner price points.

      Thanks again!


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Thaddeus Block <tblock@...> wrote:
      > Hi Kevin,
      > The big dummy is a really well built frame, so its appealing in that
      > regard. I am also very tall, so was happy to see that surly makes an XL
      > big dummy. I think its the only cargo bike that comes in so many sizes.
      > I'm not a fan of 'one size fits all' frames.....
      > The down side for big dummy is that the frame alone is about $950. But for
      > a high quality surly built frame I plan to keep for a long time, its a deal.
      > For hub drive motors, there are two types.
      > The classic type is direct drive motors, where the hub is essentially the
      > motor. these direct drive hubs are supposedly very durable, but they have
      > a modest amount of drag (read: no true freewheel) and they are incredibly
      > large and heavy.
      > There are geared hub motors, which is what I have. This is a hub that has
      > a small motor which drives the hub through internal gearing. These hub
      > motors are true freewheel, which means that when you are pedaling without
      > power, you don't have extra drag on the system. This is important to me,
      > because I like to ride my bike in a variety of ways, and would bummed on
      > extra drag if I'm riding without e assist. These geared motors are much
      > lighter than the direct drive motors, look much like a normal hub, and they
      > are supposedly a bit more efficient as well (read: increase your range).
      > Front vs Rear drive: Either one is probably fine. I didn't want to mess
      > around with rear drive as I felt there were likely to be issues related to
      > which cogsets one could use etc... The install for front drive is
      > incredibly simple. The ride quality for front drive is awesome.
      > Basically, when you are pedaling and using front drive assist, you have an
      > AWD bike, and it handles reallly well. With front drive, you are also
      > distributing some of the weight upfront, so that your bike doesn't end up
      > with all the business on the back end.
      > The edgerunner looks awesome, and I'd love to ride one sometime. actually
      > considering one for my wife. If I were to buy one, I would probably buy
      > the non-electric version, and then use a conversion kit like what I have on
      > my big dummy. I think those conversion kits lend themselves better to
      > tinkering. for some reason, most systems don't have a simple power out for
      > a good light system, which is just silly.
      > hope that helps,
      > Thad
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