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14367Time for winter lights

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  • Sean
    Oct 17, 2012
    So as the days get shorter we all need to step up our lighting program. I just updated my headlights and figured I would share. The rack is a velo orange unit. It has been massaged heavily (not for the faint at heart to cut and bend up a $80 rack). Basically I cut the rear mounting stud off flush and bent the side arms accordingly to clear my fender. The beauty of the velo orange vo randonneur rack is it has a fender mount underneath. So after it was all bent, set and re-aligned, I drilled a hole from below and bolted it up. The install is clean and VERY sturdy. As for the lights they are Sunlite LED units. I bought them as a close out from REI but they no longer have them, I checked today. They are available on Amazon for $11. Just google Sunlite LED bike light. These lights put out a pretty impressive amount of light for cheapie units. I figure once the batteries die I will find a way to wire them to my new dyno-hub.

    Please share your winter light set ups. I will be working on my rear LED light strips in the next couple of weeks (I hope).

    Also, I have more pictures of it from different angles if any of you are interested.

    For those that are curious the fenders are planet bike units.

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