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14362Re: Newbie 1st post: Think the EdgeRunner will be a game changer for

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  • Thaddeus Block
    Oct 16, 2012
      Hey there,
      I thought I'd chime in as I have a surly big dummy with xtracycle racks and an electric front hub drive motor.  I've been using this system for about 4 months now, and it is a solid rig.  I'd imagine the edgerunner will be a very nice setup as well.
      regarding the electric drive, I purchased a conversion kit from doug at www.gocarlite.com rather than a bionx system or other name brand system.  I wanted something that I could tinker with, and also wanted better value.  Ended up with a 48V 10 amp hr lifepo4 battery and a geared front hub motor (with true freewheel - important).
      I was able to siphon off a power line from the main power line to a homemade high intensity LED light system, so that I don't have to deal with other battery packs.  I just charge the main battery after work, and then the battery pack is ready to run the light system and the motor the next day.   The light system only uses about 12 watts, so it doesn't seem to reduce battery life or motor performance at all.
      regarding range and power.  the number of amp hours is basically the meaure of 'fuel in the tank.'   You can change your riding style a little bit, and have a relative large impact on the range of the battery.  For example, I live about 10 miles from work, and up a fairly large hill.  If I really want to crank home asap, I can do the trip in about 30 minutes using about 6 amp hours.  If I take it easy on the battery, and only use it for accelerations and hills and go conservative, I can do the same trip spending only about 2 amp hours, and adding 10 minutes to the travel time.  So, I could eek out 50 miles of range on my system but it would require discipline.  Or, I can blow the entire charge on a super fast 25 mile ride. 
      hope that is helpful.
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