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14359Re: Newbie 1st post: Think the EdgeRunner will be a game changer for my family

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  • katsujinkenliu
    Oct 8, 2012
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      > > Hi folks,
      > > After a year of research on cargo bikes, I am pretty jazzed about the release of the EdgeRunner, in particular the e- version. My wife has FMS and my knees are kinda shot, so this could be a real game changer for us in our hilly part of San Diego (we seem to be pedaling slower and slower these days...), especially as gas heads north of $5/gal today.
      > > This may be premature (more details will probably be released as soon as I hit send...), but a few questions of you experts please:
      > > 1. Will the EdgeRunner come in both e-assist AND IGH (Rohloff? Alfine?)
      > > 2. Might there ever be a belt drive option without having to cut the frame and void the warranty?
      > > 3. Will we be able to run lights off the battery?
      > > 4. Pretty sure the system will be pedelec, right?
      > > 5. Will there be braze ons for a frame-mount front rack, front fender, and/or rear frame lock?
      > > 6. 910 watts!!! What's the expected average range?
      > >
      > > Thanks very much for your time. This looks like a great community, in every sense of the word.
      > >
      > > -Kev
      > >
      > HI KEV-
      > I don't usually reply to these but I was lucky enought to visit Xtracycle acouple weeks ago and was privaledged to ride both the standard Edgerunner and the electric.
      > Both were sweet bikes. The electric was stupid fast and i never went past the 2nd. levelof speed. The one I road already has a light on it.
      > Want more of the other questions answered Nate at Xtracycle is very passionate about these bikes I talked with him for over a hour. Ross is also there and has answered e-mails I've sent.
      > My picture i took shows a couple of pegs ( maybe your braze 0ns) on the front fork.
      > Was a great bike to ride.
      > They have on the web page a email sign up for this bike.
      > hope this was helpful, and happy biking
      > ZK

      Thank you ZK! I also got your email and do appreciate the replies. I did sign up for the email notifications and will contact Nate soon. Much appreciated!

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