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14345v-brake setup

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  • Mark
    Aug 17, 2012
      I have a freeradical attached to Schwinn Cimarron.

      The Cimarron had cantilever brakes before and now I have a Tektro V-Brake in the rear. I have a Shimano V-Brake lever up front. I have a new brake cable and lined Jagwire housing. My stop is towards the front of my top tube and it runs bare across the majority of the top tube and then travels in housing to the v-brake noodle.

      My rear brake is spongy. It slows me down some, but certainly not like the cantis did before adding the freeradical.

      My pads are within a mm of my rim.

      Any thoughts on how to improve the brakes? Or is this just a given with the extra weight & length of this beast? I don't really want to go disk if I don't have to.


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