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14334Re: [rootsradicals] Longloader stuck on wideloader, hints appreciated

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  • Pete B
    Aug 1, 2012

      The answer is almost exactly as you've imagined except that you need not drill.

      The end cap can be pried out by levering around the edge with a pocket knife or similar.

      Once off you'll be able to see the spring clip.

      Just use a flat bladed screwdriver to lever up the end of clip attached to the pin...

      On 31 July 2012 21:59, akatemik <akatemik@...> wrote:

      Usually my longloader is always attached to my left wideloader, as I rarely use it alone. But today morning, I wanted just the wideloaders, and started to detach the longloader. I had always thought that the lower horizontal tube of the longloader would be whole, without any holes. But while detaching, I carelessly twisted the longloader so that it was pointing forwards. *click*, and the wideloader pushpin was inside the vertical longloader tube...

      I have no good ideas how to progress right now. The wideloader also has the plastic endcap on it, so accessing the pushpin from the inside is not an easy option. The best I can come up with right now is to drill a hole into the end cap, pull it out, and then somehow try to pull the pushpin back inside the wideloader tube, but I don't think that will be easy.

      Any better ideas are definitely appreciated.

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