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  • gear.head@verizon.net
    Jun 20, 2012
    I have/had both: a 80's Diamondback with conversion and now my Dummy. There is no doubt the purpose made frame is stiffer. However it is worth noting that how you load makes a HUge difference. On either set up, keeping the weight low and as tight to the center of the bike will result in the best handling. The further up you go and further out you go amplifies the torque arm effect on the mounting interface of the xtra. I would say you get somewhat used to the flex and frame selection I feel would have a negligible impact on the "noodle" effect.

    See attached picture of a heavy load, low and tight. (Maximum noodle at this weight).

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    mid-90s Gary Fisher mountain bike feels fine with no load, 50# bag of dog food at average speed feels noodley.  125# passenger doesn't feel as noodley probably as I'm not going as fast.
    I test rode a 2008 Big Dummy this weekend and while I am tempted to upgrade as it is rock solid, it doesn't quite have the charm of a retrofitted Xtracycle.  JMO
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