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14265Re: Has anyone put a BionX motor on a free radical?

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  • mellonmonello
    Jun 19, 2012
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      Thanks for all of the great suggestions, links, and advise! This is a great place to post:)

      I took my free radical set up to my LBS and they recommended against electrifying it. It is aluminum, so maybe a LHT or other steel frame would be better. My LBS mentioned that an aluminum fork would get ripped off with a front hub motor. With my cargo being kids, I realized that I should really consider the best method. I wound up finding a Big Dummy on Craigslist for $1000! I test drove the electric (ezee kit) Yuba Mundo. It was nice, but i did not like the throttle style motor. I felt like it either rode like a moped, or I pedaled really hard (harder than I ever do with my free radical). The shifting and handling was less smooth than my xtracycle. It is a good choice for some, but I was aiming more for a true "pedal assist" to get me up hills with my cargo. I think the bionx style is more what I am looking for. Does anyone know if there are any other similar kits out there? I may wait to hear what Xtracycle comes out with... I definitely feel a huge difference in the big dummy versus my free radical. Much more solid and smooth.

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      > I am looking into my options for going electric. The motor that seems pretty superior is the BionX. I haul 1-2 kids daily and often groceries and other cargo. During the school year, I ride about 20 miles/day. As much as the Big Dummy is appealing, my budget may not allow for this and the pricy BionX. Has anyone converted a Free Radical to an electric assist? Does anyone have recommendations for or against this? I wondered if the solid frame was necessary for the added tension the motor would put on. My Free Radical is attached to my Cannondale hybrid bike (with some upgrades and adjustments like a Surly lht fork that I intend on putting a front rack/basket on to help stabilize my load more). Thanks!
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